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Lessons & Training Available

We offer lessons and training on farm for beginners through intermediate and our students have ranged in age from 2 to well into their 70's. We currently offer lessons to our boarders, truck-ins, and to non-horse owning students on one of our lesson horses located here at the farm 7 days a week.

April & Eve Fall Show Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

We offer training in English tack - Dressage, Jumping, & Horsemanship / Balanced Seat for recreational riders as well. No matter the discipline, all students will also be taught how to handle, lead, groom, and tack their own lesson horse/pony. We believe our students should learn all aspects of horsemanship in addition to riding skills.

Alanna & Eve Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

While a good age to start active lessons is at age 6, we can evaluate any younger potential riders to see if they are ready and able to begin sooner in the saddle. We have had many students in the age range of 2-4 y/o so it is very common for younger riders to be accepted for lessons.

Lessons and learning is molded to each individual based on their goals. Each student will be taught at the pace that they are most comfortable at.

Young Student Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

There is no pressure to lesson a minimum number of times each month....come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly...and no pressure to show. The option of showing is there if interested, but not required of our riders! We are more than happy if your only goal is to simply have some fun and get some exercise!

We are very excited our new location has both an outdoor and INDOOR riding arena, so we will be able to continue riding with less weather interruptions.

Christina Owner / Trainer / Instructor Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

Lesson Rates:

$35 - 30 minute lesson

$70 - 60 minute lesson

Christina Owner / Trainer / Instructor Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MAarm, Rehoboth MA

If you are interested in lessons or more information about riding with Edinger Farm - please contact Christina at

or 401-447-2349.

Truck in lessons are also available:


Horse MUST be up to date on all inoculations and provide proof prior to shipping in

Darwin Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

  Lessons & Student Information

If you are signing on for lessons as a new riding student for Edinger Farm, initially we would obtain some information from you such as if you have any riding experience, children we need to know age, adults we need to know your order to properly match riders with horses. We would also like to know what your goals are for the lessons - just trying it out for recreation or future ongoing student interested in showing, and generally when you are available for lessons. Once we gather some initial information from you, we will be able to match you up with the best horse to make your lesson experience fun & informative!

Riders need to have long pants that allow movement. Beginners are fine to start with sneakers and can use our schooling helmets, those more advanced or experienced in riding should have proper footwear such as paddock boots with 1/2" heels, breeches, and their own riding helmets. Any rider that decides to stay on would then need to acquire proper paddock boots and an ASTM riding helmet within a reasonable amount of time. 

It is recommended that riding lessons are done on a regular schedule for you to get the most out of your instruction. Most riders lesson weekly or bi-weekly to maintain the skills they learn from lesson to lesson and give any sore muscles an opportunity for recovery between lessons as well.

Student Lesson Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA
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