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Groupon Customers

All vouchers purchased during our 2012 / 2013 promos have expired...

If you still have a groupon voucher that was never redeemed, or you still have partial lessons left on your vouchers, we can accept them at face value and apply them to our usual lesson cost.

You will be credited at the rate below:

$55 / 3 pack = $18.33 credit per lesson

$90 / 5 pack = $18.00 credit per lesson

You may use these credits towards 30 or 60 minute lessons, however you are required to pay the difference between the above face value credit and the current lesson rates for each lesson.

Our current lesson rates are:

30 minute - $35

60 minute - $60

Due to the unexpected business location move - TWICE!!! We may have lost a few contacts in the shuffle....for this we apologize! If you have contacted us in the past about using your expired groupon voucher, please send us a NEW email.

Whenever possible - please contact us via email to set up your riding lessons, as it allows us to reply after barn hours...after long days in the barn, we often get to sit and review our lesson schedules very late in the evening. 

If calling, please note that we are unable to answer when working with clients or please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


To set up your appointment, you can email Christina at or call Christina (401)447-2349. Please be sure to let us know in your messages that you are a groupon customer.

Initially we would obtain some information from you such as if you have any riding experience, children we need to know age, adults we need to know your properly match riders with horses. We would also like to know what your goals are for the lessons - just trying it out for recreation or future ongoing student interested in showing, and generally when you are available for lessons. Once we gather some initial information from you, we will be able to match you up with the best horse to make your lesson experience fun & informative!

Riders need to have long pants that allow movement. Beginners are fine to start with sneakers and can use our schooling helmets, those more advanced or experienced in riding should have proper footwear such as paddock boots with 1/2" heels, breeches, and their own riding helmets. Any rider that decides to stay on after their Groupon lessons to continue training, would then need to aquire proper paddock boots and an ASTM riding helmet within a reasonable amount of time. 

It is recommended that riding lessons are done on a regular schedule for you to get the most out of your instruction. Most riders lesson weekly or bi-weekly to maintain the skills they learn from lesson to lesson and give any sore muscles an opportunity for recovery between each lesson as well.


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