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Girl Scout Badge Clinics

Girl Scout Juniors~

Come with your troop and earn your HORSE FAN badge!

Horse Fan Badge Girl Scout Badge Clinic Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA
Girl Scouts Badge Clinic Edinger Farm, Rehoboth MA

There are 2 parts to earning the HORSE FAN badge. The 1st part must be completed by the participant prior to the clinic, and the 2nd part we will all complete together at the clinic.

Prior to the clinic, all girls will receive a booklet that will outline the badge requirements, provide a worksheet for the tasks they need to complete on their own or as a troop prior to the clinic, and list activities we will be doing during the clinic to complete the badge requirements. This is a great opportunity for girls to get a hands-on experience with friendly horses in an informative and educational environment.

Clinics will take approx 2 hours to complete.

The cost per participant is $50 and there is an 8 girl minimum per clinic,

with a $100 deposit from the troop required at time of scheduling clinic date. Please contact Christina for Information or to schedule your troop's private clinic: 401-447-2349 or

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