Edinger Farm - Horse Boarding Facility
Welcome to Edinger Farm Online!
Edinger has undergone some major changes this year!
Our first location of 4+ years was closed permanently by the owner as they no longer wished to lease the property and provide it's needed maintenance.  We moved to a close by location over the summer which was consequently sold to a private buyer resulting in us needing to move again!
In order to avoid further issues such as barn closings / sales of rented properties and to bring a more stable home to our program, we are in the process of building our very own facility in North Dighton, MA which we plan to be completed by Spring 2014 where we will continue our lesson & camp program as well as limited stalls for boarders on our 5 acre property with miles of nearby trails right at the end of the street.  
Until then, we will be temporarily located at Fairfield Acres in Rehoboth where we are continuing our lesson program and will have a very limited number of stalls available for board.
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Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, or would like a tour, please feel free to contact us.
Our clients enjoy an outdoor  riding area, on-site property owner, and 20+ acres of on property trails. 
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